Providing a Safe Lawn For Your Family

All Natural Tick and Mosquito Control and Lawn Care Services



Ticked Off Organic/Grow Natural Lawn Care is committed to providing an organic option for pest control and lawn care. Our Organic materials are safe for children and pets while minimizing our impact on the environment. We will provide excellent customer service to both residential and commercial areas looking for an efficient and impervious way to control ticks, mosquitoes, and deer. Our hearts are fully invested in our company and we are committed to our community.

Our Story

Ticked Off Organic is a family owned and operated deer, tick, and mosquito control business. We pride ourselves on personalized and professional service to our customers and are truly concerned about the health and well being of your family and pets.

After many years of personally trying to control deer, ticks, and mosquitoes for our family, we have found control that organically works. Our family has suffered through the debilitating effects of Lyme disease with our pets, family members, and friends.

Since we have been using organic products to control ticks and mosquitoes our pets, family members, and friends have not had any further occurrences of Lyme disease, or any other tick or mosquito borne illnesses.

We enjoy having our yard back for the children and pets to play without the constant fear of ticks and mosquitoes ruining the outdoors. Our commitment to safe organic control is our goal for all of our customers without the worry of harmful pesticide use.

A Commitment to our Community
As a lifelong resident of the community, we are fully invested in our company. We take pride in our effective, safer strategies, that create beautiful turf and tick & mosquito-free backyards.